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Watkins is a great home-based business The Summit Group team helps people earn money through the work from home business opportunity as independent Watkins Consultants

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Join today for $39.95The fact that you've reached this website indicates that you're ready to begin earning income as a member of our Summit Group team. Congratulations on a great decision! You're going to love the fun, friendship, and (of course) the income that our team members can enjoy.

To get rolling, just scroll down this page and complete all the fields. Be sure to click the Submit button at the bottom when you're finished. Remember, the membership package and optional upgrade carry a full money-back guarantee and can be returned within 30 days for a full refund.

The day after we process your enrollment, you'll get an e-mail that gives you access to our training site. You'll have access to all our training and support. We give you a free website to use in promoting your business, plus special bonus books and reports online that can help you succeed. You can listen online to archives of training conference calls. And, of course, you can get free personal coaching via e-mail or phone as you need it.

Our training will show you exactly how to create a solid, ongoing income for yourself with just part-time effort on your part. You'll be able to put in the amount of time that's comfortable for you, working from home via computer and phone. Plus, you'll be eligible for lower income tax rates and larger tax refunds, since you'll officially be the owner of your own business.

Okay, let's help you start building your income!

Online Enrollment Details

  1. Complete the form below. We keep this information confidential and do not provide information to any other businesses or organizations.
  2. Enrolling online with the form below requires payment by credit card. You can use a bank ATM card, if it has the Master Card or Visa logo and an expiration date. To pay with a check or money order, contact our Consultant who gave you the booklet.
  3. The membership package and upgrades carry a full money-back guarantee, and can be returned within 30 days for a full refund.
  4. Your membership package will arrive via UPS or a similar courier service about four to seven days after we process your enrollment, depending on your location.
  5. If you have questions before you join, contact our Consultant who is listed on the Main Menu of our site.

Step 1 - Enrollment Information

Your Name
Enter your name as you want to be known to your leaders and fellow team members. For example, you could enter Bill Smith instead of William H. Smith Jr.

Spouse's Name
Leave this field blank if you want to be the only person listed as the owner of your new business. But, if you want your spouse listed on your account, enter his or her first and last name here.

Corporate Ownership
Most people should leave this field blank. Only fill it in if you already own some other business that is incorporated, and you want your Summit Group business to be owned by your other corporation.

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Step 3 - Your Sponsor

Enter the name of our team member who sent you to this website. If you know their Consultant ID number, enter that, too.

Step 4 - Your Membership Package

Step 5 - Optional Upgrade

The Watkinize Your Home product assortment - products vary from this example photoThe "Watkinize Your Home" Product Assortment allows you to try a wide variety of Watkins products in your own home at a special price. You'll have the fun of experiencing the products first-hand, which can help you understand the quality and value of Watkins.

You already purchase these types of products at full retail prices from your local store anyway, so buying them wholesale from Watkins instead won't be an added expense. The products in this assortment vary from what's shown in the photo (based on new product introductions and availability), but always includes around 50 full-size Watkins cooking, personal care, and home care products.

Purchasing this assortment can also help you qualify for additional bonuses - talk to your sponsor for more information.

Step 6 - Terms & Conditions

I have read and agree to Watkins Incorporated's terms and conditions listed above.

Previous Consultant?
If you've been a Watkins Consultant in the past, tell us so. Include the approximate year and your old Consultant ID number (if you know it).

Step 7 - Credit Card Information

You can pay by credit card with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

IMPORTANT: Canadian Debit Cards from CIBC and TD Bank will NOT work for your Watkins enrollment. Debit cards from other Canadian banks may or may not work (but you can try them if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo and an expiry date). To help ensure your enrollment goes through without delay, we suggest using a credit card rather than debit card if possible.

Credit Card Type

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Enter the address at which you receive the monthly bills or statements for this credit card. If it is the same as the postal mail address you entered above, you can leave these fields blank.

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Step 8 - Activate Your Account

Choose a Password
Create a password that you would like to use when you access our private training website. Use a maximum of 15 letters and numbers, with no special characters or punctuation marks. We suggest that you not use any capital letters.

Re-enter your password to confirm it.

Comments or Special Instructions
Use the space below if you need us to know any special information, such as special shipping instructions, additional products you want right away with your membership package, why you're wanting to earn income, etc.

By clicking the "Submit Enrollment" button below, I certify that I agree to the Watkins Incorporated Terms and Conditions listed above, and I approve the charge to my credit card or bank card for the starting items I've selected. I understand that all these items carry a full money-back guarantee, and can be returned within 30 days for a full refund.


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